Demco, based in Madison, WI, is a leading supplier to America’s libraries and schools, providing unique and hard-to-find supplies, furniture and equipment. Demco customers also can access design services through Demco Interiors and improve their community engagement with Demco Software.

Based in the UK and France, Demco designs solutions to address the challenges faced in creating inspiring, adaptable, multi-functional and future-ready spaces. Transforming the way education is experienced in learning and library spaces by delivering flexible furniture solutions, products, and resources – improving wellbeing and learning outcomes.

Demco Interiors Europe, based in the United Kingdom, is a leading project wide design furniture, fixtures and equipment company. Our experienced team works with public and private clients to design and furbish public, leisure and learning spaces.

Gaylord Archival, based in Syracuse, NY, provides a unique range of products for preservation and display. From handcrafted archival boxes to exclusive exhibit cases, our products are found in museums and institutions worldwide.